Wire EDM & CNC Milling for Custom Extrusion Fixtures

At Hyseco, Inc., we leverage our machining and equipment capabilities to provide turnkey solutions for our industrial clients’ fixture and tooling needs. We built the fixture shown here for an extrusion processor. On previous occasions, we had worked with this client on projects that involved their machinery and equipment. Our ability to provide short lead times and quality workmanship made us their supplier of choice for this tooling project.

To build this fixture, we used both our wire EDM and CNC milling equipment. The material of construction was H-13 tool steel, which has good machinability and exhibits excellent stability when heat-treated. We programmed the machines to make the various angular cuts and create the complex shapes exhibited on several of these pieces. By carefully controlling cutting speeds, electrodes, forces, and other machining parameters, we were able to make the cuts with extremely high accuracy. Post machining, we heat treated the workpieces to a hardness of 50 RC to improve mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, and high-temperature resistance.

When completed, the fixture measured 15.375” in length x 4.25” in width x 3.76” in height. Our high-quality craftsmanship resulted in an improved tool that ensured defect-free performance over an extended lifecycle of use. To learn more about our tooling and fixture capabilities, contact us today.

Wire EDM and CNC Milling of Custom Extrusion Fixture Specifications

Project Name & Description

Extrusion Fixture Tool

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Wire EDM
CNC Mill

Overall Part Dimensions

15.375” x 4.25” x 3.76”

Material Used

H-13 Tool Steel

Material Finish

Heat Treated to 50RC

Industry for Use

Extrusion Processing

Delivery Location

Houston, TX