Hydraulic System Repair Services

At Hyseco, Inc., our history of providing solutions for the most challenging hydraulic problems is well known throughout the industry. For example, when a company in the offshore industry needed to refurbish boom cranes for underwater seismic work, a mutual customer recommended our services. With over 40 years of experience in hydraulic systems, we were a perfect match for this work and were pleased to accept the contract.

The offshore industry represents one of the most challenging environments for all involved components, requiring durable, resilient construction and rigorous safety standards. Employing certified welders and experienced hydraulic technicians, we began by rebuilding the boom crane. This entailed installing a variety of new components that included a new I-beam frame, forklift tubes, pans, drains, and electric motor. Other parts that requiring replacements included a control valve, cylinder, starter box, and tank. We cut the old pipe and gussets from the crane for the installation of a new deck frame. All of the crane’s old roller plates were removed as well and replaced with new lifting lug plates. We then installed new mounting lugs for the new cylinder, boom pads, tank, and breather. All new stainless steel tubing and fittings underwent bending to ensure they fit the application’s exact measurements. The entire unit was then sandblasted and painted, using special primer and paint that is specially designed to withstand offshore conditions.

To ensure that the boom crane met the highest standards of safety, the unit was fully load tested and certified. Our customer was very pleased with the refurbished crane, and subsequently ordered a number of new boom cranes to be fabricated and mounted on their ship for seismic work.

We were able to refurbish, upgrade, and improve the operation and quality our client’s boom cranes while ensuring the products could operate in the harshest conditions. To find out more about this project, please see the following chart or contact us directly.