Other Accessories

At HYSECO, Inc., we specialize in repairing a wide range of industrial hydraulic systems, offering both in-house and on-site services to meet our clients’ specific needs. As seasoned professionals in the hydraulic service industry, we’ve evolved into a comprehensive machine shop, equipped with custom honing and fabrication capabilities. This enables us to manufacture various hydraulic components according to your unique requirements and specifications.

Our product line also includes an extensive array of hydraulic accessories, each crafted for specific applications within hydraulic systems. Whether you’re aiming to control fluids, manage pressure, or regulate flow rate, we have the accessories your system needs to function at its best.


Integral to hydraulic systems, industrial hoses enable smooth, fluid transport under pressure across system components. Hydraulic hoses find versatile applications, from powering heavy equipment like excavators to supporting agricultural and mining operations. Engineered with a range of materials and sizes, our hoses are designed to withstand varying temperatures, pressures, and fluid types, ensuring the integrity of your system.


Secure and leak-free connections are critical in hydraulic systems. A leak-free connection is essential to many situations, including factory and plumbing applications and hydraulics systems.

Our fittings eliminate the need for welding, relying on compression nuts and ferrules to forge ultra-tight seals. Suited for high-pressure environments found in construction, mining, and industrial machinery, our fittings assure a robust linkage between hoses and hydraulic components.


Monitoring system performance is made precise with our hydraulic pressure gauges. These devices are indispensable for tracking hydraulic pressure finding applications across all hydraulic systems. Their readings provide immediate feedback on system health, helping to preempt failures and facilitate troubleshooting.

Hydraulic Gauges are essential for several reasons, such as the following:

  • Visibility: Early detection of issues within the system.
  • Prevention: Avoidance of damage due to excessive pressure.
  • Troubleshooting: Simplified identification and resolution of system problems.

Heat Exchangers

Hydraulic heat exchangers safeguard your system from overheating, efficiently regulating fluid temperature by transferring heat between mediums. Their functionality is crucial for maintaining fluid viscosity, preventing system failures, and optimizing energy use.

These are often used in industrial machinery, cooling systems, and hydraulic system maintenance to ensure proper temperature levels in hydraulic systems.


Our hydraulic reservoirs are designed to hold and manage the fluid necessary for your system’s operation. A reservoir is also necessary for marine and aerospace equipment and heavy-duty machinery, among others, to compensate for any possible leaks or bleeding in the system.

Featuring design considerations for contamination and air bubble management, these hydraulic reservoir tanks are fundamental in preserving system health and efficiency.


Valves are the backbone of fluid direction and flow control within hydraulic systems. Our range includes high-quality valves that ensure proper system pressure, direct fluid to components seamlessly, and maintain regulated flow rates to prevent malfunctions.


Hydraulic oil filters remove particulates and contaminants, protecting your system from downstream damage. By maintaining clean fluid flow, our hydraulic filters play a crucial role in the longevity and reliability of hydraulic components.

Upgrade Your Hydraulic Systems with HYSECO, Inc.’s Premium Accessories

We understand the complexities of hydraulic systems and are committed to providing solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.  With our comprehensive range of products and services, expert support, and commitment to excellence, we are the go-to choice for all your hydraulic needs.

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