Hydraulic Fittings

Welcome to HYSECO, Inc.— home to quality service in the hydraulic and fluid power industry since 1972. With over five decades of dedication to professionalism, integrity, and experience, we have firmly placed ourselves as a leader in full-service hydraulic and fluid power in-house and field service repair. Understanding how integral hydraulic fittings are to your applications, we bring you a line of products designed to ensure that your operations are smooth and efficient.

Our Hydraulic Fittings Range

Our selection of hydraulic fittings is crafted to meet the diverse needs of any high-powered system. The catalog—ranges from hydraulic hose fittings that are easy to install to rugged hydraulic line fittings that can withstand rough industrial use. Our hydraulic pipes and fittings are designed for precision and durability to become the cornerstone for systems requiring uncompromised performance. Choose HYSECO’s fittings for a seamless blend of reliability and excellence.

Seamless Integration with Your Systems

HYSECO’s hydraulic fittings have been designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing setups and provide a leak-free connection at every joint. This thereby assures their functional integrity under pressure. Our components will be the lifeblood of your high-pressure applications, whether in construction, mining, or heavy industrial machine operation.

Applications of HYSECO Hydraulic Fittings

Our fittings serve as critical components in various sectors:

  • In factories, they power robotics, assembly lines, hydraulic power units, and presses with unmatched efficiency.
  • In the plumbing industry, our fittings ensure the safe and reliable transportation of water, oil, and gas.
  • Within hydraulic systems, HYSECO fittings are the trusted choice for maintaining the essential functions of power steering, brakes, and fuel delivery systems.

These applications underscore our fittings’ versatility and reliability in any industrial landscape.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Our commitment to quality extends to our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers.

Representing names synonymous with excellence in hydraulic accessories—Zinga Industries, Lake Monitors, and American Industrial Heat Transfer Inc.—the HYSECO alliance assures superior hydraulic fittings that exceed the demands of our discerning clientele.

Custom Solutions and Services

We understand that unique needs can’t be met by off-the-shelf products. That’s the reason our full-service machine shop stands ready to create custom hydraulic components designed to your exact specifications. Whether you need honing or custom fabrication, we can meet your operational requirements.

Ready to Elevate Your Hydraulic Systems? Contact HYSECO Today!

Your trust in HYSECO, Inc. is supported by the fact that we offer unwavering dedication to customer service. We’re not limiting ourselves to just providing the products. We ensure these products contribute to the overall success and efficiency of your operations.

Reach out to discuss your hydraulic hose fitting or hydraulic line fitting requirements or to learn more about our full line of hydraulic accessories and services. Trust HYSECO—where customer service is not an asset; it’s our promise.