Custom Cylinder Fabrication

The oil and petroleum drilling industry requires resilient, durable, and high-quality equipment. At Hyseco, Inc., we have worked for over 40 years to produce the finest hydraulic components, including a broad variety of standard and custom cylinders. Our innovative work is demonstrated in the project illustrated here. A customer that had previously ordered hydraulic cylinders from us had a special need for custom barber pole cylinders for a casing jack application. Our expert personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and deep level of experience in hydraulics made us an excellent match.

These cylinders were not available off the shelf. We began the project by acquiring heavy wall pipe and modifying it to meet our customer’s needs. Drawing from our team of certified welders, hydraulic technicians, and machinists, we began the project using pre-honed barrel 1026, 660 bronze bushing, and chrome plated rod to fabricate these 5000 PSI cylinders. Two cylinders were constructed with a 9” bore, 8” rod, and a 9’ stroke, while the other two featured a 9” bore, 8” rod, and a 5’ stroke. We also constructed rod end and barrel end sleeves. To ensure these custom cylinders were of the highest quality, full pressure testing was performed on each cylinder.

Our customer was well pleased with our results. The cylinders performed exactly the way the customer expected during their first use. We are now this customer’s sole supplier for this type of casing jack.

For further information about this project or to learn how we can put our expertise to work for you, please contact us directly.

Custom Cylinder Fabrication Specifications

Project Name & Description

Barber Pole Cylinders

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Manual Lathes and Welding Machines

Manual Lathes and Welding Machines

2 – 9” Bore, 8” Rod with 9’ Stroke and 2 – 9” Bore, 8” Rod with 5’

Pressure Rating

5000 PSI Cylinders

Material Used

Chrome plated rod, Pre Honed Barrel 1026, 660 Bronze Bushing

End Types

Rod End Sleeves
Barrel End Sleeves

Industry for Use

Oil Field – Casing Jack Application

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Pressure Tested